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Are charges done depending on the assessment of care needs?

One of our care managers will visit you to discuss your care needs. As circumstances change we re-assess needs and adjust charges accordingly.

Is live-in care just for elderly people?

No our trained carers can look after anyone of any ability, over the age of 18.

How do I know I'll get on with my carer?

Having someone in your home may be worrying at first and we do everything possible to ensure we place a carer who will be compatible with the client. Our care teams visit the client in their home and get to know them and their needs in order to devise a care plan. All our carers have been fully trained. All potential carers pass our rigorous training. Both client and carer also have easy access to support and the service and relationship is constantly monitored with visits carried out monthly to discuss and resolve any issues. We pride ourselves that we rarely get it wrong and we believe we go further than any other care provider to meet our clients needs.

Will my carer see to my medical needs?

Our carers are not trained nurses, they will prompt medication but do not undertake any invasive treatments such as enemas or injections. However, they are highly skilled and will respond to most needs. Live-in care is ideal for people who are well enough to stay in their own home but need a high level of support to do so. We have qualified nurses who can carry out any nursing tasks if needed.

How long will my carer stay with me?

As long as he or she is needed. Care can last for as little as a few days to many months and we have looked after some clients for several years. Our service is completely flexible - for example we can step in to give a family carer a break, to provide recuperation support so someone can come out of hospital, or to provide long-term care.

What if I have a problem?

When your care service begins you or your family will be provided with details of who to contact to complain or resolve a difficulty and we also make regular telephone calls where clients can discuss any issues that may have arisen.

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