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We offer varying levels of Care and Support. We supply dedicated care / support workers to help you with your care needs. Our team of carers and support staff are friendly, patient, highly trained and experienced professionals.

We provide: Personal care, Shopping support, Preparation of food and drink, Ensuring a timely prompt for medication when due, Undertaking domestic tasks such as cleaning and Provision of care services through the night for those people who need them. Sleep over or waking night service. Provision of a respite service where you are the principal carer giver, then you may need support during your time off each week.

Self-directed support (SDS)

What is self-directed support?

SDS describes the ways in which individuals and families can have informed choice about how their support is provided to them.

We promote the right of each individual to direct their own support in line with the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 by working with service users, families, the council and other stakeholders to ensure the effective implementation of SDS.

How does SDS work?

SDS gives individuals and families control over the budget and allows them to choose how it is spent on support which meets their agreed outcomes.
SDS includes a number of options for getting support. The person’s individual budget can be utilised in four different ways:

Option 1 – Direct Payment
The local council decides how much money can be spent on your support.
You take this money and arrange your own support independently.

Option 2 – You decide and the council arranges the support
The local council will decide how much money can be spent on your support.
You choose how your support is provided and the council arranges this for you.

Option 3 – The local council decides and arranges support after having discussed with you
The council will decide how much money can be spent on your support.
You ask the council to choose and arrange the support that it thinks is right for you.

Option 4 – A mixture of options 1, 2 and 3
This option lets you pick the parts you want to decide about and the parts you would like to leave to the local council.

Temporary Agency Care Staff

We supply appropriately trained Care Assistants on temporary assignments at very competitive rates.
Staff are matched to meet our clients’ needs. We are always happy to discuss any requirements at any time.



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